If you try to install w3Chess, feel free to contact me for help or to write a better documentation ;-)

You can grab the sources here, at sirtobi.com or at SourceForge.

w3Chess, version 0.8.4
  • charset-Tag in Mail-Headers
w3Chess, version 0.8.2
  • pi sign at the right
w3Chess, version 0.8.1
  • some of konquerors bugs fixed
  • new (optional) option to list all games
  • spanish translation added
w3Chess, version 0.8
  • broken ascii art in mails fixed
  • bug with remis and fixed passwords fixed (i hope so)
  • new debug option: VIEWPASS
  • some bugs added??? (i don't hope so)
w3Chess, version 0.7f
  • ability to avoid mails with identical from- and to in header when sending list of games
  • set the opponent in from-header when resending the game
w3Chess, version 0.7e
  • players with own passwords were unable to give up
w3Chess, version 0.7d
  • segfault on some systems fixed
w3Chess, version 0.7c
  • fix for Solaris 10beta6
w3Chess, version 0.7b
  • fixed email check
  • you can now swap finished games too
  • some more docs in config.h
w3Chess, version 0.7a
  • I hope I've fixed the last fix....
w3Chess, version 0.7
  • can't move empty fields anymore....
w3Chess, version 0.6g
  • Change password and email in one step
w3Chess, version 0.6f
  • Corrupt datafiles when nickname and password too long
w3Chess, version 0.6e
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation added
w3Chess, version 0.6d
  • italian translation added
w3Chess, version 0.6c
  • BugFix for Glibc 2.2
w3Chess, version 0.6b
  • reverse moves-list
  • the games list is bookable now
  • some german language fixes
w3Chess, version 0.6a
  • Bugfix: You couldn't do castle moves. !
w3Chess, version 0.6
  • optional support for fixed passwords, warning: the password is NOT secure ! Use not your "normal" passwords !
  • suppress mails if fixed password set (optional)
  • list your games (without passwords) instead of mailing the list
  • with all this changes its possible to play nearly without mail ;-)
w3Chess, version 0.5e
  • The king attacks itself
w3Chess, version 0.5d
  • Some missing linebreaks added
w3Chess, version 0.5c
  • king against king ist checked right now... I hope.
w3Chess, version 0.5a
  • tar archive fixed
  • package name has changed to ".tar.gz" cause ".tgz" is the binary package format of Slackware Linux
  • see number of moves in admin mode
w3Chess, version 0.5
  • If you have problems with unpacking this archive, try "tar xfvP archive.tgz".

The documentation for my student research project at www.sirtobi.com

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