w3Chess has the following features:
  • It needs no external database and no script language, no php, no perl, no java, no javascript ;-)
  • You need no (and you will never need) gettext, autoconf or automake !!!
  • You can do all moves via web, the move is mailed to you and your opponent.
  • You can start games without an opponent and wait for one
  • You can review your old games
  • The Board has always (ok, nearly) the right pieces at the bottom of the screen
  • You can let w3Chess show all possible moves (good for beginners)
  • Admin-Mode to view and delete all current games
  • The translation to other languages is very easy
  • You can use own page-headers and footers
  • You can use an own frontpage
For installation instructions please read the README-Files in the package.

A really documentation is missing right now, but if you do a "find and click" with the demo frontend, you'll soon know what you need to know.
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(c) by T. Müller