w3Chess is a Web- and Mail- based chess board.
I built this to play chess over Internet with my friends. If you play chess via E-Mail, you have several problems:
  • You need a chessboard in your house for every opponent
  • You could drop your board down an loose the actual piece positions
  • You can set a piece wrong and your boards doesn't look like your opponents one anymore
I searched for such programs but the I only found chess-servers, or tools which depends on sql-databases and javascript.
But I hate Java-Script and I hate huge dependencies for small solutions.
So, a w3Chess should have the following Features:
  • few dependencies (it's written in c)
  • high compatiblity (it's written in c, should also work under unfree Gaming Systems from Redmond)
  • it should run fast (it's written in c)
  • it should need less system ressources (do i have to say it ?)
  • it should display the actual board via (any) Web-Browser (no JavaScript, even lynx should do it)
  • you should have the moves stored at home (E-Mail-Notifications....)
  • you shouldn't be able to do wrong moves
  • you shouldn't do moves if it is not your turn
  • the administration should be easy (old games are removed after nn days)
  • the usage should be easy (no "cosmetic" features, easy translation)
  • you should be able to search for an opponent
  • your pieces should be at the bottom

Supported languages:
  • German
  • English
  • Italian, thanks to Carlo !
  • Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to Fabio !
  • Spanish, thanks to Pablo !
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(c) by T. Müller
Last update: 9.03.2012